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Complete software solution 
for your 

Management panel, payments, and customer mobile apps.
Only pay if you earn.

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Full Stack

Web and Mobile

Your own app for your own business

Customizable mobile application for iOS and Android. Your name, your icon, your services, and your prices.

Users can check, book, and pay for the services right from the app. Besides, the app allows you to communicate with users, gather clients' feedback, and more.

Dashboard for your employees

Your staff gets a sophisticated dashboard that will help them to keep up with all the appointments, learn more about each customer to provide more personalized services, and much more.

Powerful Admin panel just for you

Configure your business in the admin panel: business hours, services available, prices, and staff members.

View all the stats about bookings, revenue, clients, and other management features.


What do I get?

Web and mobile apps for you and your customers

Manage all your staff, customers, bookings, payments, reviews, web and mobile apps from one Corebase dashboard.

No limits at all. Create as many venues, services, and employees, and share it with as many customers as you need.

You can use the whole ecosystem for free. Only pay from your transactions.

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Book a visit on any device

In just a couple of taps your customers can choose the date, select services they need (haircut, beard trim, whatever), find their favorite master, and pay from the phone (or with cash on arrival).

All services, prices, locations, and employee descriptions are completely customizable from the admin panel.

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Don't let your staff miss an appointment!

Everyone in your team has an access to a booking calendar, which is synced with Google Calendar. New booking? We will send you a reminder!

All the information is always up-to-date, with advanced information about every appointment, customer, and service type.

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Keep customers close

With Corebase, you can see your complete relationship history with all of your customers.

What are the most favorite services? How often does each customer come to you? History of all the bookings, transactions, and reviews about your staff and products.

Get back your customers who did not visit you for over a month, and send them a reminder.

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Reviews and Ratings

All users can rate their experiences through the app. It helps you to see whose of your employee provide the best services, and whom customers like most.

With us, you can find disappointed customers, find out what went wrong and get the customer back with personal discounts.

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Complete software solution. No mandatory payments.

Custom software development for this type of software system with mobile apps, dashboards, and admin panels might cost way over $30,000 on average.

We provide it for free, with 1% on transaction (just $10 on each $1,000).
Only pay if we help you earn.

Simple pricing

Only pay if we help you earn.

Corebase Free

All the business features without any limitations: venues and services management, users management, bookings, and more.

Customer-facing features are not available: customer's web portal and mobile apps are not included.


No fees at all.
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Corebase Premium

All the business and customer features. No limits at all.

Manage your business and your customers in your own admin dashboard. Let your customers book online and manage their bookings in your own and branded web portal and mobile apps. Communicate with customers and employee via chat, email, push notifications, and more.


+ 1% per transaction

Corebase Web

All the features without any limitations: venues and services management, users management, bookings, reviews, and more.


+ 1% per transaction

Corebase Web + Mobile

Want to sell your services on mobile too? We will provide you with iOS and Android apps in addition to all the features included in Corebase Web.


+ 1% per transaction

All the payments are handled by Stripe

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