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Mobile Applications

Corebase Web + Mobile 

What is it?

Corebase provides you with a mobile application for your business. Now your users can purchase your services right from their iOS or Android device.

Mobile applications allow users to view details about all your available venues, services, and employees at each of them. Customers can also check the availability of each master, make a booking, and pay for it right from the app.

You will also need an Apple Developer account ($99 annually, paid to Apple) and a Google Developer account ($25 one-time registration fee, paid to Google) to publish applications under your business name. Some setup is also required. You can read more here: Mobile Apps Setup.

Live Demo

You can check the mobile apps in action by downloading them from the App Store or Google Play. Apps for your business would have same look and feel, but will be tailored to your business data.

App Store: iOS Corebase Demo App
Play Store: Android Corebase Demo App

You can read more about demo mobile and web apps here: Live Demo Apps.


Main Features

  • Publish your own mobile applications, with your branding and your services to App Stores (iOS and Android)

  • Allow users to view all your business data (venues, services, masters, prices), book a visit, and pay for it from a mobile app.

  • Additional booking management features: allow your customers to cancel or refund bookings easily.

  • Notifications about upcoming bookings, review reminders, and easier way to connect back to a customer.

Something is missing?

Let us know - we are actively adding new features.

Work from Home
Mobile Apps

A couple of examples:

iOS and Android

By offering a user-friendly, intuitive, and engaging app, businesses can increase user satisfaction and encourage users to continue using the services.

You can select both platforms, or just go with one, that you believe is more popular among your users. In any way, mobile apps will work in the same way and will allow your users to:

  • View your business venues, services, and employees.
  • Make a booking and pay for it.
  • Get reminders about upcoming bookings and reviews
  • Receive notifications about new offers, promotions, or rewards
Reviews and Ratings

Instant Updates

The mobile app is always synchronized with your web dashboard, so all your customers will always have access to the latest services with up-to-date prices and schedules.

All the changes you make, whether it is new branding colors, an updated portfolio, or a calendar - will be visible in the app.

Communication with users

Improved communication

A mobile app provides a platform for you to offer better customer service, such as by allowing customers to easily track their bookings or access support resources. This can help to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

All your customers can contact your staff if they have any questions, or manage their bookings and payments even without the help of your employee.

Simple pricing

Only pay if we help you earn.

Corebase Free

All the business features without any limitations: venues and services management, users management, bookings, and more.

Customer-facing features are not available: customer's web portal and mobile apps are not included.


No fees at all.
Get started

Corebase Premium

All the business and customer features. No limits at all.

Manage your business and your customers in your own admin dashboard. Let your customers book online and manage their bookings in your own and branded web portal and mobile apps. Communicate with customers and employee via chat, email, push notifications, and more.


+ 1% per transaction

Corebase Web

All the features without any limitations: venues and services management, users management, bookings, reviews, and more.


+ 1% per transaction

Corebase Web + Mobile

Want to sell your services on mobile too? We will provide you with iOS and Android apps in addition to all the features included in Corebase Web.


+ 1% per transaction

All the payments are handled by Stripe

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