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Corebase Free

All the business features without any limitations: venues and services management, users management, bookings, and more.

Customer-facing features are not available: customer's web portal and mobile apps are not included.


No fees at all.
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Corebase Premium

All the business and customer features. No limits at all.

Manage your business and your customers in your own admin dashboard. Let your customers book online and manage their bookings in your own and branded web portal and mobile apps. Communicate with customers and employee via chat, email, push notifications, and more.


+ 1% per transaction

Corebase Web

All the features without any limitations: venues and services management, users management, bookings, reviews, and more.


+ 1% per transaction

Corebase Web + Mobile

Want to sell your services on mobile too? We will provide you with iOS and Android apps in addition to all the features included in Corebase Web.


+ 1% per transaction

All the payments are handled by Stripe

Compare your expenses using other solutions:


1% per transaction:
  • Customer Web app
  • iOS and Android apps (optional)
  • Customer registration
  • Card payments
  • Booking Platform
  • Admin Dashboard
  • CRM with Customers and Employee Management
  • Venues and Services Management
  • Bookings Dashboard
  • Ratings and Reviews system
  • Notifications and reminders
  • Optional Payments Integration (up to 2.9% + 30¢)

Similar stack:

Custom Web app development
2-3 months development time.
Custom iOS and Android apps
3+ months development time.
Server Infrastructure
Server Instance, Database, Media Files hosting.
per month
Payments Integration
Plus additional fees for payouts.
2.9% + 30¢
per transaction
Bookings Platform
Up to 3 months development time
per month
CRM System
Or $125/month for team of 5 users
per user, per month
Notifications system
Depending on user base, notifications numbers and channels
per month
Customer Support System
Or $75 per months for the team of 5 users.
per user, per month

Pricing Calculator:

Average Monthly Revenue:
Total amount of your sales per month.


Monthly Revenue:

Corebase Monthly Fees:

How does it work:

Corebase Free

Corebase can be used without the subscription, absolutely for free, but Customer App will be disabled.

It means your customers won't be able to make a booking, create their accounts, or reach out to you for support.

Venues and Services management, CRM, booking management and other business-side features will be available.

Corebase Premium

By subscribing (even to the free, $0.00 tier), you unlock all the features of the Corebase, including Customer Apps.

Transaction fees are calculated based on the total amount of the bookings made. If no bookings are made, you won't be charged any transaction fees.

For example, if your business has earned $1,000 during subscription period, we will charge you 1% of that amount, which is $10.

Does Corebase support payments?


By default Corebase Free comes with Cash payments (meaning we will create a booking, but you will need to collect the payment from your customer).

But with Corebase Premium, you can activate Stripe payments, which will allow your customers to pay online. No programming needed.

You can check Stripe payment gateway pricing here: