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The homepage for your business.


At Corebase our main goal is to provide all new small businesses the digital tools they need to start:

  • Staff Management system where you can add all your team;
  • Venues and Service Management System that will help you to create services that you provide, set the prices, availability, and schedule;
  • Booking System to allow your customers book and pay for your services;
  • Mobile Applications to improve user experience by giving your customers a more interactive and engaging experience of interacting with your business.

Our team has worked in outsource software development industry for 10 years, and we met lots of small businesses who just can't afford building their own software from scratch (similar systems would cost over $30,000).

Corebase main idea is to provide the very same, but pre-build product, that would be available to all the businesses for a small fee. Our customers enjoy their white-label applications, powerful dashboard system that allows them to manage everything, and constant updates, improvements, and new features.