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Venues Management

All Plans 

What is it?

All Corebase plans include a complete venue management system. You can create as many venues, offices, and branches as you need, configure available services, and select all the correct permissions for your employees.

Venues Management helps businesses manage and organize services and functions held at each venue. It is used to manage the availability and booking of a venue, avoid double bookings and ensure that the venue is used efficiently.

Create your venues, assign employees to them, select schedule and services available, and you are ready to accept your booking online!


Main Features

  • Create and customize your venues. Set locations, and schedules. Add photos and other information that helps users to choose your business.

  • Select which services and products are available at each place, add employees who work at each branch, and set their availability.

  • Working online? We've got you covered too. Each Venue can be marked as online, so you can provide all the same services and have access to all the features of the Corebase too.

  • soon  Services and Venues analytics: popularity, reviews, retention.

Something is missing?

Let us know - we are actively adding new features.

Work from Home
Service and Venues Management

A couple of examples:

Automated bookings

Fill in all the information about the venues, and we will sync them with all the customer applications right away.

Your clients can view all the details about your branches, services, and products, select the best time available, purchase the goods, and pay for them online.

All the data is synchronized in real-time, including availability calendar, existing bookings, employee availability, services pricing, and presence at branches.

Reviews and Ratings

Increased Efficiency

A venue and services management system helps small businesses increase efficiency by providing real-time visibility into the availability of resources and services, as well as automating tasks such as invoicing and payment processing.

Just set up all the moving parts once in Corebase Dashboard, let your users find your app, and concentrate on what you do best - serving the customers.

We will take care of the IT side of your business.

Venues Customization

If your business serves customers at multiple venues - add them all to Corebase, so customers can select the closest to them, with the services and products they need.

To help your customers select the right venue, you can customize:

  • Venue Location
  • Services available at each location
  • Staff
  • Schedule for each employee on location
  • Venue photos

Simple pricing

Only pay if we help you earn.

Corebase Free

All the business features without any limitations: venues and services management, users management, bookings, and more.

Customer-facing features are not available: customer's web portal and mobile apps are not included.


No fees at all.
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Corebase Premium

All the business and customer features. No limits at all.

Manage your business and your customers in your own admin dashboard. Let your customers book online and manage their bookings in your own and branded web portal and mobile apps. Communicate with customers and employee via chat, email, push notifications, and more.


+ 1% per transaction

Corebase Web

All the features without any limitations: venues and services management, users management, bookings, reviews, and more.


+ 1% per transaction

Corebase Web + Mobile

Want to sell your services on mobile too? We will provide you with iOS and Android apps in addition to all the features included in Corebase Web.


+ 1% per transaction

All the payments are handled by Stripe

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