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Corebase for Barbershops

AvatarKyrylo Savytskyi.
How Corebase Subscription Works
AvatarKyrylo Savytskyi on 

Corebase is the ideal solution for small businesses seeking online booking software and customer management software that is both efficient and effective. With Corebase appointment scheduling softwa


Hey, we are Corebase!

We provide free and ready solutions for small businesses: customer management systems, bookings management, payments integration, mobile apps, and so on.

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How to create Corebase Account

AvatarKyrylo Savytskyi.

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How to setup mobile apps for your beauty salon, barbershop or spa with Corebase?

AvatarKyrylo Savytskyi

Corebase allows you to upload your own iOS and Android mobile applications into App Store and Play Store for free, without a costly and slow development process. You can use Corebase mobile apps as a


What is Corebase, and how it helps small businesses?

AvatarKyrylo Savytskyi

Corebase is a tool for small businesses, that includes venue and service management tools, ways to connect, talk and return your customers, message your employees (and clients!), a payment gateway,

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